A Jacket for Everys Story

Come and design your own leather jacket that highlights the creativity of designing that you’re carrying in your mind. unless there are tons of options already available to shop including different embriodery, style, plus size, printed, logos, patches and more, you do have enough tools to create a new one using them together. Either talking about men’s leather jacket or women’s leather jackets, the taste of uniqueness is delightful and you should taste the made to order leather jackets experience.

You have unlimited capacity to design and create your own custom leather jackets to to fit your personality at best. To bring that our from you, we encourage you to request a bespoke leather jacket and we will handle the rest.

Customize Your Leather Jacket


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    We take care of your Leather Jacket

    Leather jacket is not only a purchase that you make, its an investment that stays with you for decades. As tough and strong leather is, it requires constant care as well. Genuine leather can stay in its original shape for a decade or two, if and only if, you take good care of it.

    We will be discussing a few ways of how to distress leather jacket. First of all, keep your jacket dry and water proof. If you spill water over your leather jacket, wipe it off immediately. In case, it gets wet in rain, all you have to do, is wipe the outer shell with a clean piece of cloth and hang it to dry – never leave your leather jacket to dry under direct sunlight. Secondly, you can polish your leather jacket with leather polishers to keep the glow on. Third, from time to time, keep a check on your leather jacket, take it out, clean it with a piece of wet cloth and hang it back in a plastic bag – never fold your jacket as it would leave the fold marks. Lastly, do not wash your jacket in a washing machine and never dry it in a dryer. Take good care of your leather jacket and you will be able cherish the leather feels for a long time.

    Check if your Leather is original or not

    Ensure to check the originality of your leather jacket before purchasing it. Look out for the fake leather jacket mens as it could be quite easy to imitate the jacket as an original leather jacket. First of all, a genuine leather jacket would cost twice more than a synthetic leather jacket. Additionally, keep an eye on the textured pattern as original leather jacket would have natural marks and stretches because it isn’t chemically synthesized. The smell of leather would be quite obvious. You can also apply water absorbance test and fire test to confirm the originality of your leather jacket.